A panel for every job

Reco will save you more than 40% compared to tiles. Visit our overview page to find out which panels are right for you.
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Environmental Benefits

Reco Panel is made from 55% recycled material and all our panels are 100% recyclable
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They can be installed in half the time it would take to tile the same area
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Our panels can be printed with any image, design or colour match.
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Bespoke Design

Our bespoke design service means the possibilities really are endless!
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NEW: Reco now has access to over 90,000 images from award winning photographers to paintings from the greatest classical artists. Turn your shower into another world.
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The brand new Metro Tile

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The future of waterproof walling

Tiles have been used for 5000 years but isn't it time we found something more reliable? Reco has designed the world's first environmentally friendly alternative to tiling. Our Acrylic capped ABS panels are made from the same material as your shower tray or bath, giving you a high gloss or satin durable finish. They are moulded to look and feel like tiles but avoid the common issues often associated with them. Fit them straight over your existing tiles or design a bespoke panel for your perfect bathroom; This is the future of waterproof walls..

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